Enjoy Your Pizza Experience with Gozney Ovens from BBQs 2u!

by Taylor

If you are living in the UK and love to eat pizzas and grilled foods, then you must have surely come across BBQs 2u! This family-based company is quite passionate about the foods that they used to sell.

Now, the company is helping people to prepare the same foods at their home by selling different ovens.

BBQs 2u is introducing the Gozney Roccbox, the premier portable pizza oven for crafting authentic wood-fired pizzas wherever you go.

Boasting a sleek design and cutting-edge technology, Roccbox delivers professional-grade cooking, whether in your backyard or on your outdoor escapades.

Experience the art of wood-fired cooking with Gozney’s exceptional range of pizza ovens. Perfect for passionate home cooks and professional chefs alike, Gozney Pizza Ovens offer unmatched flavour, performance, and versatility.

Discover the collection at the store of BBQs 2u, including the portable Gozney Roccbox and the stunning Gozney Dome, alongside various accessories for an enhanced pizza-making journey.

How easy it is to assemble?

A significant advantage of the Roccbox is its zero-assembly time. The oven arrives fully assembled, requiring only a quick flick of the four legs to unfold them. Following the manual, initial usage instructions recommend using gas and allowing 30 minutes for heating.

How long will it take to prepare a pizza?

According to Gozney, the Roccbox cooks’ pizza in just 60 seconds. After this time, you can use the pizza peel to inspect the pizza. While the base may be cooked, it might appear pale. If desired, you can return the pizza to the oven for another minute or so until it develops a blistered appearance.

How easy will it be to add a pizza?

Mastering the art of casually flicking a pizza into the oven will undoubtedly require some practice. However, with a few pizzas under your belt, you will gradually develop the skill and confidence needed to achieve that perfect flick.

Roccbox has simplified the pizza-making process with its non-stick peel. However, some users may find that the peel’s holes can lead to spilled flour on the floor, making the process messier than necessary. While effective pizza peels are often just a solid sheet of metal, Roccbox’s design may require some adjustment.

Comparison between Gozney Dome and Dome S1

Prospective buyers considering purchasing a Gozney Dome S1 will likely compare it to the standard Dome. The following is a compiled list outlining the primary differences between the two ovens:


  • All that powers the Dome S1 is propane.
  • The digital thermometer on the Dome S1 is different and does not include temperature probe ports.
  • Rather than being integrated, the pizza stone in the Dome S1 is detachable.
  • The Dome S1 weighs 21 pounds less.

Features differences

  • Air ventilation knob can be adjusted
  • Steam injector for various cooking techniques
  • Fast-connect connector port for additional accessories, such as a pellet stove
  • A metal belt that encircles the oven’s outside in the middle
  • An alternative in an olive hue for the Dome powered by wood

The Gozney Dome S1, although more affordable, remains highly versatile like its pricier counterpart. While it may lack some features, for pizza cooking, it is just as capable. However, for frequent cooking of diverse foods, sticking with the original Dome is advisable.

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