Factors To Consider When Repainting Exterior Of Your Home

by Taylor

A fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your home can improve your home’s curb appeal. Chipped paint, moldy walls, and water stains on the roof left by rain can make your home look dirty. If you live in Broomfield CO and you instantly want to change the look of your house without spending too much, go for exterior painting broomfield co.

However, the exterior painting of the house is not as simple as it seems. It is an expensive job, therefore, you should make sure that you are doing it right. Here are some factors that you should keep in mind while getting your home exterior painted.

1.      Prepare The Surface

Exterior walls get dirty with time. You might notice that the exterior walls are covered with dust, mud, and even stains from rainwater. If you paint on this dirt, it will not stick properly. Moreover, the color payoff will not be exactly as you want.

Therefore, you should ensure that the surface is clean and well-prepared. Ensure that the old paint is cleaned properly. Smooth the surface using scrubbers. If you can afford it, apply a layer of putty before painting to get a smooth finish and the correct color payoff.

2.      Factor In Weather Conditions

Weather conditions are one of the most important factors that you should consider while getting your exterior painted. Make sure that the next few days are sunny, preferably.

Avoid weeks when rain is forecasted. Rainy weather and a humid environment can make it difficult for paint to dry quickly. High humidity and moisture in the air can delay the adhesion and drying process.

3.      Get A High-Quality Paint

You should always make sure that you use high-quality paint for your exterior. Exterior paint should always be of great quality. Always prefer weather-resistant and waterproof paint that will last longer.

Cheap paint will chip off quickly. Moreover, if your paint is not weather-resistant, you will have to redo it in the next few months. Weather-resistant paints protect the exterior from extreme heat and rain. Your paint will survive heavy rain storms.

4.      Choose The Right Color

Your choice of color for exterior paint matters a lot. You should avoid colors that are too bright or light that get dirty quickly. You should avoid colors that show stains clearly, such as shades of white.

When picking the color for your exterior, you should consider your architectural design and street ambiance. If your house is new and built on modern architectural designs, choose colors that indicate modernity. Whereas, if your house has a rustic vibe, you can pick neutral colors like beige and shades of brown.

5.    Consider Local Regulations

Many housing societies have structured regulations when it comes to the exterior look of the house. For instance, if you live in Pittsburgh PA, then find painting contractors pittsburgh pa who are familiar with local regulations.

You should follow the local regulations regarding painting the exterior to avoid issues with the authorities.  Make sure that your painting process does not cause any issues for your neighbours.

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